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In this paper we studied a set of knapsack problems involving the notion of dimensions, demands and multiple choice constraints. Specifically, we defined a new problem called the multiple demand multidimensional multiple choice knapsack problem and we showed it as a generalization of other related problems. Moreover, we presented a set of transformations(More)
—Real-world optimization problems are very complex and NP-hard. The modeling of such problems is in constant evolution in term of constraints and objectives and their resolution is expensive in computation time. With all this change, even metaheuristics, well known for their efficiency, begin to be overtaken by data explosion. Recently, Thanks to the(More)
We present a Rich variant of the Profitable Tour Problem (RPTP) arising when customer requests involve several products and multi-compartment vehicles are used. The RPTP addressed may be considered as a variant of the capacitated profitable tour problem with time windows and incompatibility constraints. We propose a Variable Neighborhood Search Algorithm(More)