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When multiple industrial robots are deployed in field applications such as grit blasting and spray painting of steel bridges, the environments are unstructured for robot operation and the robot positions may not be arranged accurately. Coordination of these multiple robots to maximize productivity through area partitioning and allocation is crucial. This(More)
There are many benefits for the deployment of multiple autonomous industrial robots to carry out a task, particularly if the robots act in a highly collaborative manner. Collaboration can be possible when each robot is able to autonomously explore the environment, localize itself, create a map of the environment and communicate with other robots. This paper(More)
Uncertainties in base placements of mobile, autonomous industrial robots can cause incomplete coverage in tasks such as grit-blasting and spray painting. Sensing and localization errors can cause such uncertainties in robot base placements. This paper addresses the problem of collaborative complete coverage under uncertainties through appropriate base(More)
A variety of changes in skeletal muscle occur with aging. Sarcopenia is the age-associated loss of muscle mass and is one of the main contributors to musculoskeletal impairments in the elderly. Traditional definitions of sarcopenia focused on the size of human skeletal muscle. However, increasing evidence in older adults suggests that low muscle mass is(More)
Fatigue is common in older adults and has a significant effect on quality of life. Despite the high prevalence of fatigue in older individuals, several aspects are poorly understood. It is important to differentiate subjective fatigue complaints from fatigability of motor performance because the two are independent constructs with potentially distinct(More)
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