Mahdi Hasan

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AIM To determine the altered pattern of fractional anisotropy (FA) and mean diffusivity (MD) change in brain parenchyma in serially studied neonates with mild or moderate hypoxic ischemic injury (HIE) within 7 days after birth and again at the age of three months. METHODS Serial diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) was performed at two-time points in term(More)
Aluminum exposure is known to be associated with oxidative stress and cognitive decline in experimental animals but the precise mechanism of its neurotoxicity has not yet been delineated. The present study attempts to assess the learning and memory capacity of rats using Y-maze test for cognitive functioning. The markers of oxidative stress, e.g. lipid(More)
BACKGROUND Nicotine is heavily used addictive drug that has unpleasant side- effects, e.g. dizziness, nausea, emphysema. PURPOSE The current study was designed to find the possible relationship of nicotine mediated microcystic oedema in white matter of cerebellum to postural imbalance. METHODS Nicotine was administered for 8 weeks orally via cannula,(More)
Acrylamide (30 mg/kg body wt.) administered intraperitoneally daily to young adult male rats, five times a week for 3 consecutive weeks, affected the cerebellar functions, as exhibited by a significant reduction in rotarod performance, spontaneous locomotor activity, glutathione-S-transferase activity, and 3H-flunitrazepam binding in cerebellum.(More)
3-Methoxy-4-hydroxyphenylglycol (MHPG) was measured in lumbar spinal fluid of 20 subjects with hypertension of varied etiology and severity. There was a significant correlation between the concentration of MHPG and the severity of hypertension. However, changes in the concentration of vanillylmandelic acid in the urine of these subjects were insignificant.(More)
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