Mahdi Hasan

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The posterolateral tunnel on the superior surface of the first cervical (atlas) vertebra is of normal occurrence in monkeys and other lower animals, but its presence in the form of a tunnel-like canal, for the passage of the third part of the vertebral artery over the posterior arch of the human atlas vertebra is not reported. The aim of the present study(More)
Aluminum exposure is known to be associated with oxidative stress and cognitive decline in experimental animals but the precise mechanism of its neurotoxicity has not yet been delineated. The present study attempts to assess the learning and memory capacity of rats using Y-maze test for cognitive functioning. The markers of oxidative stress, e.g. lipid(More)
Age related metabonomic changes in young and aged male albino rats have been investigated using Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (1 H NMR) spectroscopy. The studies were performed using 'in vivo' behavioral and me-tabonomic assessment in serum and urine of the rats. Significant changes (p<0.05) were obtained in the concentration of creatinine, allantoin(More)
BACKGROUND Nicotine is heavily used addictive drug that has unpleasant side- effects, e.g. dizziness, nausea, emphysema. PURPOSE The current study was designed to find the possible relationship of nicotine mediated microcystic oedema in white matter of cerebellum to postural imbalance. METHODS Nicotine was administered for 8 weeks orally via cannula,(More)
Human frontal cortex neurons of hydrocephalic infants were studied with electron microscope. A number of maturing neurones exhibited shrinkage and increased electron density of cytoplasmic matrix in the midst of gross hydrocephalic interstitial oedema. Remarkable preservation of growth cones and arrays of microtubules in a few neuronal perikarya and axons(More)
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