Mahdi Hasan

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Aluminum exposure is known to be associated with oxidative stress and cognitive decline in experimental animals but the precise mechanism of its neurotoxicity has not yet been delineated. The present study attempts to assess the learning and memory capacity of rats using Y-maze test for cognitive functioning. The markers of oxidative stress, e.g. lipid(More)
The toxic effects of Al(3+) have been studied in 90-days AlCl(3) orally treated male albino rats (n = 7) using (1)H NMR spectroscopy-based metabolic profile of rat serum and urine, serum enzyme tests, behavioral impairment, and histopathology of kidney and liver. Metabolic profile of 90-days Al(3+)-treated rat sera showed significantly elevated levels of(More)
BACKGROUND Nicotine is heavily used addictive drug that has unpleasant side- effects, e.g. dizziness, nausea, emphysema. PURPOSE The current study was designed to find the possible relationship of nicotine mediated microcystic oedema in white matter of cerebellum to postural imbalance. METHODS Nicotine was administered for 8 weeks orally via cannula,(More)
Environmental factors have been speculated to play an important role in potentiating the neurotoxicity of Lathyrus sativus (LS). Hence, blood-brain barrier permeability and neurotoxicity studies were carried out in manganese- and LS-exposed animals. Dietary feeding of LS (80%) plus Mn (0.4 mg/100 g diet) for 90 days to guinea pigs showed significant (p <(More)
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