Mahdi Hariri

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Nowadays biometric authentication systems have been more developed, especially in secure and financial systems; so cracking a biometric authentication system is now a growing concern. But their security has not received enough attention. Imitating a biometric trait of a genuine user to deceive a system, spoofing, is the most important attacking method.(More)
An Electromagnetic-State Space, EM-SS, modeling approach is presented and used for performance prediction of high-speed synchronous generators during out of phase operation in Microgrids. This mode of operation may result in stresses on the network or the failure of the high-speed generators. The modeling approach is suitable for Microgrids consisting of(More)
Dealing with uncertainty is one of the most critical problems in complicated pattern recognition subjects. In this paper, we modify the structure of a useful Unsupervised Fuzzy Neural Network (UFNN) of Kwan and Cai, and compose a new FNN with 6 types of fuzzy neurons and its associated self organizing supervised learning algorithm. This improved five-layer(More)
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