Mahdi Barzegar Khalilsarai

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Exact recovery of a sparse solution for an underdetermined system of linear equations implies full search among all possible subsets of the dictionary, which is computationally intractable, while &#x2113;<sub>1</sub> minimization will do the job when a Restricted Isometry Property holds for the dictionary. Yet, practical sparse recovery algorithms may fail(More)
Linear sampling of sparse vectors via sensing matrices has been a much investigated problem in the past decade. The nonlinear sampling methods, such as quadratic forms are also studied marginally to include undesired effects in data acquisition devices (e.g., Taylor series expansion up to two terms). In this paper, we introduce customized nonlinear sampling(More)
In this paper, we study the prediction of a circularly symmetric zero-mean stationary Gaussian process from a window of observations consisting of finitely many samples. This is a prevalent problem in a wide range of applications in communication theory and signal processing. Due to stationarity, when the autocorrelation function or equivalently the power(More)
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