Mahdi Baradarannia

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The work presented in this paper discusses time delay compensation of a rigid spacecraft with faulty actuators. The proposed method consists of a nominal controller and an extended state observer. Based on the backstepping method, the nominal control is designed to stabilize the spacecraft in the presence of delayed inputs. Then, the discrepancy between the(More)
In this paper, the surrounding control problem of a group of non-identical agents is considered, where a team of followers achieves an equidistant distributed formation to surround a team of moving leaders. An adaptive design method is presented for multi-agent systems where the dynamics of agents are supposed to be nonlinear with unknown parameters. First,(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o This paper reexamines the liquidity effect on stock expected returns in the NYSE over the period 1926–2008, the pre-1963 period, for which there is a lack of research, and the post-1963 period. The results from the entire sample of 1926–2008 show that expected returns increase with the stock level illiquidity. However, illiquidity(More)
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