Mahdi Asmar

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BACKGROUND Fascioliasis is one of the most common zoonotic diseases in Iran and other parts of the world. Although the largest epidemic of this disease has occurred in northern provinces of Iran (Guilan) during the past two decades and a few cases have also been reported in Tehran and the other provinces, there has been no evidence of its' occurrence in(More)
Hepatitis B virus (HBV) transmission via blood and other body fluids from infected individuals to healthy people has been largely demonstrated. However, in the current literature, there is little information available on the potential role of cerumen in HBV transmission. Cerumen and blood were collected from 70 patients infected with HBV and 70 volunteer(More)
BACKGROUND Tick-borne relapsing fever is an acute febrile and endemic disease in Iran. For many reasons, the incidence of disease is on decrease, however tick-borne relapsing fever is still a health issue in the rural areas for travelers. This study was carried out during 1997-2006 to investigate the tick-borne relapsing fever in Iran. METHODS Based on a(More)
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