Mahdi Asgari

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This paper explicitly describes the procedure of associating an automorphic representation of PGSp(2n, A) with a Siegel modular form of degree n for the full modular group Γn = Sp(2n, Z), generalizing the well-known procedure for n = 1. This will show that the so-called " standard " and " spin " L-functions associated with such forms are obtained as(More)
We prove Langlands functoriality for the generic spectrum of general spin groups (both odd and even). Contrary to other recent instances of functoriality, our resulting automorphic representations on the general linear group will not be self-dual. Together with cases of classical groups, this completes the list of cases of split reductive groups whose(More)
While there is growing experimental evidence that cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow induced by the beating of ependymal cilia is an important factor for neuronal guidance, the respective contribution of vascular pulsation-driven macroscale oscillatory CSF flow remains unclear. This work uses computational fluid dynamics to elucidate the interplay between(More)
The brain possesses an intricate network of interconnected fluid pathways that are vital to the maintenance of its homeostasis. With diffusion being the main mode of solute transport in cerebral tissue, it is not clear how bulk flow through these pathways is involved in the removal of metabolites. In this computational study, we show that networks of(More)
We explicitly compute the adjoint L-function of those L-packets of representations of the group GSp(4) over a p-adic field of characteristic zero that contain non-supercuspidal representations. As an application we verify a conjecture of Gross-Prasad and Rallis in this case. The conjecture states that the adjoint L-function is holomorphic at s = 1 if and(More)
  • Ramin Takloo-Bighash, Mahdi Asgari, Jeffrey Adams, Akshay Venkatesh, Peter Sarnak, Brooks
  • 2008
The purpose of this note is to establish the entireness of spinor L-function of certain automorphic cuspidal representations of the group similitude sym-plectic group of order four over the rational numbers. Our study of spinor L-function is based on an integral representation which works only for generic representations. For this reason, while methods of(More)
Observations of fast transport of fluorescent tracers in mouse brains have led to the hypothesis of bulk water flow directed from arterial to venous paravascular spaces (PVS) through the cortical interstitium. At the same time, there is evidence for interstitial solute transport by diffusion rather than by directed bulk fluid motion. It has been shown that(More)
BACKGROUND Precise and accurate measurements of body composition are useful in achieving a greater understanding of human energy metabolism in physiology and in different clinical conditions, such as, cardiovascular disease and overall mortality. Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) can be used to measure body composition, but the easiest method to assess(More)