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Spermatogonial stem cells (SSCs) represent a unique testicular cell type that has the capacity for proliferating, differentiating, and transmitting genetic information. This particular cell type is a strong focus of stem cell research, with isolation and maintenance of SSCs as an important issue. Therefore, we attempted to optimize SSCs handling and to(More)
The numerical solution of D-bar integral equations is the key in inverse scattering solution of many complex problems in science and engineering including conductivity imaging. Recently, a couple of methodologies were considered for the numerical solution of D-bar integral equation, namely product integrals and multigrid. The first one involves high(More)
The linear and nonlinear oscillatory shear, extensional and combined rheology-dielectric spectroscopy of hybrid polymer nanocomposites for semiconductive applications were investigated in this study. The main focus was the influence of processing conditions on percolated poly(ethylene-butyl acrylate) (EBA) nanocomposite hybrids containing graphite(More)
Planar D-bar integral equation is one of the inverse scattering solution methods for complex problems including inverse conductivity considered in applications such as Electrical impedance tomography (EIT). Recently two different methodologies are considered for the numerical solution of D-bar integrals equation, namely product integrals and multigrid. The(More)
BACKGROUND Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) is used as a fast clinical imaging technique for monitoring the health of the human organs such as lungs, heart, brain and breast. Each practical EIT reconstruction algorithm should be efficient enough in terms of convergence rate, and accuracy. The main objective of this study is to investigate the(More)
in-house RF test laboratory system. The inset shows the temperature probe at the exposed end of the insulated implant. Fig.2 Numerical analysis of the SAR owing to the immersion effect of insulated, uninsulated generic implants for different penetration depths compared to a fully immersed uninsulated implant (in the middle of phantom) at different lengths.(More)
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