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Chitosan was prepared from shrimp processing waste (shell) using the same chemical process as described for the other crustacean species with minor modification in the treatment condition. The physicochemical properties, molecular weight (165394g/mole), degree of deacetylation (75%), ash content as well as yield (15%) of prepared chitosan indicated that(More)
BACKGROUND Tobacco smoking issues in developing countries are usually taught non-systematically as and when the topic arose. The World Health Organisation and Global Health Professional Student Survey (GHPSS) have suggested introducing a separate integrated tobacco module into medical school curricula. Our aim was to assess medical students' tobacco smoking(More)
BACKGROUND To estimate the amount of regret and weights of harm by omission and commission during therapeutic decisions for smear-negative pulmonary Tuberculosis. METHODS An interviewer-administered survey was done among young physicians in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh with a previously used questionnaire. The physicians were asked to estimate(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) face significant scalability challenges due to the proliferation of wide-area wireless monitoring and control systems that require thousands of sensors to be connected over long distances. Due to their short communication range, existing WSN technologies such as those based on IEEE 802.15.4 form many-hop mesh networks(More)
Weed infestation is a common problem in agriculture that adversely affects crop production. Given severe constraints on the budget of many land-grant universities due to the economic downturn, outreach services have taken a hit. To adapt to current economic climate without adversely affecting the quality of outreach program for weed management, we present a(More)
Graphite filler reinforced polypropylene (PP) composites and talc filler reinforced (PP) composites were prepared by compression molding at 160 ⁰C. Mechanical and electrical properties were studied. The tensile strength of the composites decreases with the increase of filler addition and also with the increase of wt.% of filler. But, a slight improvement of(More)
WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) plays the best competitive role in the present world. The demand for high speed mobile wireless communication is rapidly growing. WCDMA is a promising technique for achieving the high data capacity and spectral efficiency requirements for wireless communication system of the near future. Power control is(More)
— The EPCglobal has defined the standard for sharing the tagged product information among the enterprises, which are mainly the product level information rather than event level information. Now the EPCglobal aims at provide visibility in supply chains by enabling interested parties to query item-level data. Item level data are distributed to several EPCIS(More)
We describe a stochastic model to compute in vivo protein turnover rate constants from stable-isotope labeling and high-throughput liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry experiments. We show that the often-used one- and two-compartment nonstochastic models allow explicit solutions from the corresponding stochastic differential equations. The resulting(More)