Mahbubul Islam Bhuiyan

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The transgender people (hijra), who claim to be neither male nor female, are socially excluded in Bangladesh. This paper describes social exclusion of hijra [The term is used in this abstract both in singular and plural sense] focusing on the pathway between exclusion and sexual health. In an ethnographic study, 50 in-depth interviews with hijra, 20(More)
Despite condom interventions since year 2000 with the transgender (hijra) population, condom use remains low. Consequently, hijra suffer from higher rates of active syphilis, putting them under threat of HIV transmission. In an ethnographic study, 50 in-depth interviews with diverse groups of hijra along with 20 key-informants interviews with various(More)
BACKGROUND Condom use in Bangladesh is low despite nationwide family planning initiatives and HIV interventions. METHODS Fifty men aged between 18 and 55 years from diverse socio-demographic backgrounds and five key informants were interviewed in a qualitative male sexuality study. RESULTS Refusal to use condoms is not only a personal choice, but(More)
Mapping pathways of how interventions are implemented and utilized enables contextually grounded interpretation of results, differentiates poor design from poor implementation, and identifies factors that might influence the utilization of interventions. Few studies in nutrition have comprehensively examined the steps of implementation and utilization in(More)
We introduced flocculant-disinfectant water treatment for 12 weeks in 103 households in Bangladesh to assess if drinking water would be chemically and microbiologically improved and the body burden of arsenic reduced. The median concentration of arsenic in tubewell water decreased by 88% after introduction of the flocculant-disinfectant from 136 microg/l at(More)
Perspectives of public health generally ignore culture-bound sexual health concerns, such as semen loss, and primarily attempt to eradicate sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Like in many other countries, sexual health concerns of men in Bangladesh have also received less attention compared to STIs in the(More)
Cutaneous tuberculosis is one of the most subtle and difficult diagnoses for dermatologists practicing in developing countries. It has widely varied manifestations and it is important to know the spectrum of manifestations in children and adolescent. Sixty cases (age < 19 years) of cutaneous tuberculosis were included in this one period study. The diagnosis(More)
The traditional lipidic parameters when present and clusters within reference range, often fails to predict the risk of acute coronary syndrome in young population in this region. Measurement of Apolipoprotein B (Apo B), a parameter of the lipoprotein-lipid profile, provides a method of quantifying the concentration of lipoproteins, rather than their(More)
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