Mahbuba Khatun

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BACKGROUND Drynaria quercifolia L. (Family- Polypodiaceae) is a fern grows in Bangladesh used in traditional healing by the Garo tribe of Mymensingh district. In the current study, rhizomes and fertile foliage fronds of this plant have been investigated comprehensively to assess their in vitro membrane stabilizing, thrombolytic and antioxidant properties.(More)
Purpose. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that temporarily liquefies the interstitial barrier, allowing easy dispersal of local anaesthetic through cleavage of tissue planes. This prospective, blinded, randomised controlled study investigates the utility of adding hyaluronidase to local anaesthetic in the setting of carpal tunnel release. Methods. 70 consecutive(More)
BACKGROUND Providers of bariatric surgery within the National Health Service (NHS) are required to provide psychological assessment and intervention, yet operational definitions regarding the purpose and scope of this input are lacking. This has led to significant variation in the provision of psychology, with some providing an assessment-only service and(More)
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