Mahbub Ilahee

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This Critical Review on environmental concerns of desalination plants suggests that planning and monitoring stages are critical aspects of successful management and operation of plants. The site for the desalination plants should be selected carefully and should be away from residential areas particularly for forward planning for possible future expansions.(More)
Problem statement: The rainfall based design flood estimation techniques are commonly adopted in hydrological design and require a number of inputs including information on soil loss characteristics. Approach: A conceptual loss model known as the ‘Initial Loss-Continuing Loss (ILCL) model’ is widely used in Australia. Results: The Initial Loss (IL) occurs(More)
Rainfall runoff models are used to estimate design floods. These models require several inputs such as, rainfall duration, intensity, loss etc. For baseflow separation in design flood estimation the estimation of continuing loss (CL) is vital. The surface runoff has to be separated from the stream flow hydrograph. To obtain the volume of surface runoff, the(More)
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