Mahboubeh Yaqubi

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Ear is a new class of relatively stable biometric that is invariant from childhood to early old age. In most cases techniques already working in other biometric fields, such as PCA are applied to ear. Eigen-ears provide high recognition rate only in closely controlled conditions. Indeed, even a slight amount of rotation can cause a significant drop in(More)
Image denoising is one of the important processes in the pre-processing of verification/identification systems. As a norm in verification system, Performance of feature extraction and approaches and verification depend son the input images quality. Since there is noise in the captured image via acquire/transfer sensors has direct effect on the quality of(More)
Today, Biometric systems are considered superior in technological developments, because they provide a nontransferable means of identifying people not just cards or badges. The image enhancement step is designed to reduce noise in this area. The key point about an identification method that is “nontransferable" means it cannot be given or lent to another(More)
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