Mahboubeh Saheli

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Sumanene is a synthesized circulene molecule, with formula: 6:(5,6)3. We propose here units for periodic P-type surface networks, based on their stability, evaluated at the Hartree-Fock HF level of theory. Design of the yet hypothetical lattices was performed by using operations on maps, as provided by CVNET and Nano Studio software. The topology of the(More)
The harmonic index ) (G H , of a graph G is defined as the sum of weights 1 )) deg( ) (deg( 2   v u of all edges in ) (G E , where deg (u) denotes the degree of a vertex u in V(G). In this paper we define the harmonic polynomial of G as      ) ( 1 ) deg( ) deg( 2 ) , ( G E uv v u x x G H , where   1 0 ) ( ) , ( G H dx x G H . We present explicit(More)
Eccentric connectivity index has been found to have a low degeneracy and hence a significant potential of predicting biological activity of certain classes of chemical compounds. We present here explicit formulas for eccentric connectivity index of various families of graphs. We also show that the eccentric connectivity index grows at most polynomially with(More)
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