Mahboubeh Parastarfeizabadi

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Research is being conducted on the use of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) for therapeutic effects, and also on the mechanisms through which such therapeutic effects are mediated. A bottleneck in the progress of the research has been the large size of the existing tDCS systems which prevents subjects from performing their daily activities. To(More)
This paper presents a miniature light-weight closed-loop deep brain stimulation (DBS) device that delivers on-demand stimulation current pulses by monitoring and analysing local field potentials. The device includes monitoring and DBS units, each designed and fabricated on a separate small round circuit board. The closed-loop DBS device has been(More)
This paper studies the dual-phase lag (DPL) bioheat transfer model in biological tissues during laser irradiation. The energy equation is analytically solved using the separation of variables and Duhamel’s integral method. The problem is considered for both highly absorbed and strongly scattered tissues. The analytical results indicate that the DPL bioheat(More)
Millions of patients around the world are affected by neurological and psychiatric disorders. Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a device-based therapy that could have fewer side-effects and higher efficiencies in drug-resistant patients compared to other therapeutic options such as pharmacological approaches. Thus far, several efforts have been made to(More)
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