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Multi-layer episode filtering for the multi-step attack detection
This research takes a different view and considers alert correlation as the problem of inferring an intruder's actions as alert patterns that are constructed progressively that can effectively discover known and unknown attack strategies with high accuracy.
RAAS: a reliable analyzer and archiver for snort intrusion detection system
A self-adaptive controlling mechanism which archives the Snort generated alerts in a well-formed abstracted format along with an appropriate hashing technique along with a full-automated time-based hierarchical archiving approach to prevent the Snorts database size to grow uncontrollably and unexpectedly.
Critical Episode Mining in Intrusion Detection Alerts
This paper tries to address the problem of managing alerts via a multi-layer alert correlation and Itering that can identify critical alerts after each step of correlation andItering and achieves very good results in terms of critical alert detection rates, running time of approach and its memory usage.
Fabrication and characterization of the novel bionanocomposite poly(ester-imide-sulfonamide)s/Ag film coated on glass bead for inactivation of E. coli
In this investigation, a novel biodegradable poly(ester-imide-sulfonamide)s (PEIS)s containing natural amino acids in the backbone of polymer was synthesized. The dehydrogenase activity assay