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KNOX transcription factors (TFs) regulate different aspects of plant development essentially through their effects on phytohormone metabolism. In particular, KNOX TF SHOOTMERISTEMLESS activates the cytokinin biosynthesis ISOPENTENYL TRANSFERASE (IPT) genes in the shoot apical meristem. However, the role of KNOX TFs in symbiotic nodule development and their(More)
In plant meristems, the balance of cell proliferation and differentiation is maintained by phytohormones, specifically auxin and cytokinin, as well as transcription factors. Changing of the cytokinin/auxin balance in plants may lead to developmental abnormalities, and in particular, to the formation of tumors. The examples of spontaneous tumor formation in(More)
Stem cells (SCs) are undifferentiated cells of multicellular organisms that can divide, self-renew, and differentiate. Despite the differences in their properties, the general principles of the existence of SCs can be distinguished in all multicellular organisms. In plants, SCs are found in meristems, structures that ensure the continuous growth of a plant(More)
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