Mahamudul Hasan

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In this paper we describe our machine learning solution for the RecSys Challenge 2015. We have proposed a time-efficient two-stage cascaded classifier for the prediction of buy sessions and purchased items within such sessions. Based on the model, several interesting features found, and formation of our own test bed, we have achieved a reasonable score.(More)
Transformer-less inverters are more attractive for grid-tied photovoltaic (PV) system due to its higher efficiency and lower cost. But unfortunately, a leakage current flows through the system. So transformer-less PV inverter have to be tackled carefully. In this paper, a new transformerless PV inverter topology with low leakage current has been proposed.(More)
Career-oriented social networking sites are very much useful for job seekers to find a suitable job and useful for recruiters as well to find the right candidate for a job. Job recommendation system helps job seekers to find appropriate jobs matching with their profile. So, it can be considered as recruiters approaching a suitable candidate whenever they(More)
Each year a large number of students apply for graduate studies into well-known universities all around the world. Students trying to pursue higher study in a better institution strengthen their academic profile by obtaining better CGPA, high scores in standardized tests like GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, noteworthy publication records. Some of the applicants become(More)
Recommender system refers to an information system that predicts the intuition of user observing behavior of all the users. The idea of collaborative filtering lies in producing a set of recommendations based on similarity as well as knowledge of users' relationships to items. In this paper, we combine some traditional similarity metrics to find three types(More)
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