Mahammad Ali

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Rate constants for the attachment of DABCO (1,4-diazabicyclo[2.2.2]octane) to Fischer carbene complexes of the type (CO)(5)Cr=C(XR)C(6)H(4)Z (X = O and S) in dry MeCN at 25 degrees C are reported. Hammett rho values are 2.18 +/- 0.13 and 0.89 +/- 0.07 for DABCO reactions with (CO)(5)Cr=C(OMe)C(6)H(4)Z (10-Cr-Z) and (CO)(5)Cr=C(SMe)C(6)H(4)Z (11-Cr-Z),(More)
Numerous experimental studies were conducted on homologous transplantation of the mitral valve either for mitral or tricuspid valve replacement in the early '60s. The first mitral homograft in humans was performed in 1965 by Senning. Since that time, there has been a limited number of implants mainly because of technical difficulties related to the(More)
We report, herein, the development of an easily synthesizable novel dansyl-based turn-on NO sensor L2. The UV-Vis titration data of L2 with Cu(2+) display a gradual increase in absorbance at 418 nm with [Cu(2+)], which were analyzed by using a non-linear least-squares computer-fit program yielding K = (1.16 ± 0.36) × 10(6) M(-1) and n = (1.28 ± 0.03)(More)
The generation and study of metal-hydroperoxo/metal-peroxo (LCu(II)-OOH or LCu(II)-OO˙) complexes is a fascinating area of research of many chemical and biochemical researchers, because of their involvement as active intermediates in many biological and industrial catalytic oxidation processes. For this purpose we have designed a bulky hexa-coordinating(More)
The rates of hydrolysis of alpha-R-alpha-(methylthio)methylene Meldrum's acids (8-R with R = H, Me, Et, s-Bu, and t-Bu) were determined in basic and acidic solution in 50% DMSO-50% water (v/v) at 20 degrees C. In basic solution (KOH), nucleophilic attack to form a tetrahedral intermediate (T(OH)-) is rate limiting for all substrates (k1(OH)). In acidic(More)
The replacement of the methylthio group of substituted methylthiobenzylidene Meldrum's acids (2-SMe-Z) by secondary alicyclic amines occurs by a three-step mechanism. The first step is a nucleophilic attachment of the amine to 2-SMe-Z to form a zwitterionic intermediate T(+/-)(A); the second step involves deprotonation of T(+/-)(A) to form T(-)(A); while(More)
Two novel organic-inorganic hybrid tungsto- and molybdo-telurates having formula [{Na(4)(H(2)O)(14)}{Cu(gly)}(2)][TeMo(6)O(24)] (1){gly = glycine} and [{Cu(en)(2)}(3){TeW(6)O(24)}]·6H(2)O {en = ethyline-diamine} (2) based on Anderson type heteropolyoxometalates (POMs) have been synthesized and characterized by X-ray crystallography. Common structural(More)
A new, easily synthesizable rhodamine-based chemosensor with potential N2O2 donor atoms, L(3), has been characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction together with (1)H NMR and high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) studies. L(3) was found to bind selectively and reversibly to the highly toxic Hg(2+) ion. The binding stoichiometry and formation(More)
A combination of a single crystal X-ray diffraction study and density functional theory calculations has been applied to a bidentate Schiff base compound to elucidate different cooperative non-covalent interactions involved in the stabilization of the keto form over the enol one in the solid state. The single crystal X-ray structure reveals a remarkable(More)
Rate constants for the reactions of cyanamide anion N≡C-NH(-) with Fischer carbene complexes of the type (CO)(5)M=C(XR)C(6)H(4)Z with M = Cr and W, XR = SMe and OMe, Z = NMe(2), OMe, Me, H, F, Cl and CF(3) in 50% MeCN-50% water (v/v) at 25 °C are reported. N≡C-NH(-) shows a much higher reactivity towards these carbene complexes than OH(-), primary aliphatic(More)