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An automatic system to estimate the urbanization changes on the Belgian territory, using SPOT5 images and the National Geographic Institute vectorial database is proposed. The images and the vectorial data are first co-registered. Then, the vectorial database is projected and dilated to produce a mask representing the old status of the database. On the(More)
Landmines and UXO (UneXploded Ordnance 1) represent a constant and long-lasting threat to the life of millions of individuals. Moreover, these weapons have a strong socioeconomic impact on contaminated countries as they involve serious effects as the loss of agricultural fields or access to water. Demining is a critical issue since contaminated areas are(More)
The aim of the ETATS project (" Système d'Evaluation du Taux d'Actualisation de données topogéographiques par Télédétection Spatiale ") is to estimate the degree of changes in the built-up area and in the communication network for the Belgian territory , using satellite images and the National Geographic Institute database. SPOT5 images have been used for(More)
This paper presents a supervised classification method applied to building change detection in VHR aerial images. Multi-spectral stereo pairs of 0.3m resolution have been processed to derive elevation, vegetation index and colour features. These features help filling a 5-dimensional histogram whose bins finally hold the ratio of built-up and non built-up(More)
INTRODUCTION We performed a transversal study to map resistance of malaria vectors (Anopheles mosquitoes) to insecticides in Niger within the frame of the National Malaria Control Program funded by the World Health Organization (WHO). METHOD Larvae of Anopheles gambiae s.l were collected from November to December 2013 in seven locations selected on the(More)
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