Mahamad Sawan

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  • M. Sawan
  • 2004
This invited paper covers circuit techniques and design methods employed to build high reliability systems dedicated to implement implantable and wirelessly controlled smart medical devices such as sensors and microstimulators. A global view of typical microdevices such us neural signals monitoring device, cortical multichannel stimulator, as well as(More)
The design of an ultra low-power CMOS chopper stabilized front-end suitable for a fully implantable cortical data acquisition system (CDAS) is presented The proposed low-power front-end improves recording quality and is area efficient. It removes low frequency noise and achieves submicrovolt input offset. The key to its performances is chopper modulation(More)
Hardware acceleration in high performance computing context is of growing interest, particularly in the field of Monte Carlo methods where the resort to FPGA technology enhances execution speed by several orders. For this purpose, a particular attention has been given lately to hardware-based non-uniform random variate generators. In this paper we present(More)
A system integration for High Voltage (HV) electrostatic MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) actuators is introduced on a micro-Printed Circuit Board (PCB). The system includes a programmable microcontroller, a programmable DC/DC converter, a multi output HV interface and electrostatic MEMS actuators. The system produces high output voltages (10-300V) and(More)
In this paper, we present a hybrid capacitive sensor featuring a 0.18mum CMOS integrated circuit incorporated with a microfluidic channel and a polyelectrolyte sensing layer (PSL). We describe the formation of ultrathin PSL atop a microfabricated gold electrode (MGE) and CMOS sensor, and thereafter demonstrate the viability of this new approach for Lab-(More)
A 4th-order bandpass /spl Sigma//spl Delta/ modulator for ultrasound applications is presented. By cascading 2 identical 2nd-order Gm-C filters, the 4th-order modulator is designed with high power efficiency, stability and programmability. The modulator dynamic range is 78dB over a 200kHz bandwidth around IF frequency of 3 MHz. The modulator has been(More)
This paper presents a novel resonance-based multicoil structure as a smart power surface to wirelessly power up apparatus like mobile, animal headstage, implanted devices, etc. The proposed powering system is based on a 4-coil resonance-based inductive link, the resonance coil of which is formed by an array of several paralleled coils as a smart power(More)
We present a biochemical sensor array based on a flexible conducting polymer biointerface for multifunctional monitoring. The large area and highly sensitive bioelectrodes are fabricated on a low cost nylon fabric for potential environmental lab-on-chips. Based on experimental results, a high resistive change is observed on such electrodes (30(More)
We describe in this paper cells sensing and manipulation methods, as well as platforms based on Lab-on-chip devices. Among other contributions, new circuit and microfluidic techniques, and packaging methods are proposed for efficient cells manipulation and detection. The proposed devices include high-sensitivity sensing circuits (200 mV/fF), low-pressure(More)