Mahalingam Vasudevan

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This study presents a detailed comparison between viable adaptive intelligent torque control strategies of induction motor, emphasizing advantages and disadvantages. The scope of this study is to choose an adaptive intelligent controller for induction motor drive proposed for high performance applications. Induction motors are characterized by complex,(More)
This study presents a novel Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) drive system with power factor improvement. Recently, many of the converters with variable speed drives have no input power factor correction circuits. This results in harmonic pollution of the utility supply, which should be avoided. The effect of power factor variation in terms of harmonic(More)
Direct torque control (DTC) is a relatively novel induction motor control method, that is relatively easy to implement and that enables high performance to be achieved. However, the conventional DTC technique has some drawbacks such as large torque ripple in the low speed region according to the change of motor parameters. The sensitivity of the DTC to(More)
This paper presents ‘Sequential Switching Hybrid Pulse Width Modulation (SSHPWM) Inverter based UPS’, which describes a new methodology in the inverter control. In SSHPWM the power switches of a full bridge inverter has to be pulse width modulated at low frequency and high frequency alternatively, in the alternate cycles of operation. This proposed method(More)
This work presents a detailed comparison between various control strategies, emphasizing advantages and disadvantages. The scope of This work is to choose an adaptive induction motor drive for an electric propulsion system. Recent advances in induction motor control have made it suitable for fast dynamic response applications. In this paper, the performance(More)
Drive system at a low speed electric cars have a hard speed setting is set on a wide range, causing an inconvenience for motorists and a fast response is required any change of speed. It is necessary for good system performance in control motor speed and torque at low speeds which is operated by Field Oriented Control (FOC). In this method of Proportional(More)
Method validation is important in analytical chemistry to obtain the reliability of an analytical method. Guidelines provided by the regulatory bodies can be used as a general framework to assess the validity of a method. Since these guidelines do not focus on the reliability of analytical results exclusively, this study was aimed to combine a few recently(More)
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