Maha Soliman

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In this paper, we present a complete framework and findings in mining Web usage patterns from Web log files of a real Web site that has all the challenging aspects of real-life Web usage mining, including evolving user profiles and external data describing an ontology of the Web content. Even though the Web site under study is part of a nonprofit(More)
Personalization tailors a user’s interaction with the Web information space based on information gathered about them. Declarative user information such as manually entered profiles continue to raise privacy concerns and are neither scalable nor flexible in the face of very active dynamic Web sites and changing user trends and interests. One way to deal with(More)
Retinal function is ordered by interactions between transcriptional and posttranscriptional regulators at the molecular level. These regulators include transcription factors (TFs) and posttranscriptional factors such as microRNAs (miRs). Some studies propose that miRs predominantly target the TFs rather than other types of protein coding genes and such(More)
The volume of biomedical literature and its underlying knowledge base is rapidly expanding, making it beyond the ability of a single human being to read through all the literature. Several automated methods have been developed to help make sense of this dilemma. The present study reports on the results of a text mining approach to extract gene interactions(More)
We give an overview of our experience in utilizing several open source packages and composing them into sophisticated applications to solve several challenging problems as part of some of the research projects at the Knowledge Discovery & Web Mining lab at the Universe of Louisville. The projects have a common theme of knowledge discovery, however their(More)
Glaucoma is a silent eye disease that steals sight without warning and it is the second leading cause of blindness worldwide. It cannot be cured but it can be controlled. A gene network analysis to understand the cross talk between glaucoma networks of genes could contribute to better understanding and treatment of the disease. In this paper, we extend our(More)
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