Maha Shakir

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Health Board1 is one of the largest public health care providers in New Zealand (NZ). In early 1999, a supply chain optimization review recommended an enterprise system (ES) implementation to provide better control and reporting of organizational finances. The focus of this case is the IT platform decision made in conjunction with the(More)
Embedded Electrocardiogram (E-ECG) based health diagnosis of cardiac diseases has been a saturated area of research and almost any known heart-condition can be detected and diagnosed by doctors in the hospital setting. However, these approaches fall extremely short when attempting to design an automatic detection system to do the same. The situation becomes(More)
Enterprise systems (ES) implementations are regarded costly, time and resource consuming and have a great impact on the organization in terms of the risks they involve and the opportunities they provide. The steering committee (SC) represents the group of individuals who is responsible for making strategic decisions throughout the ES implementation(More)
Additional chapters include discussions on collecting and analyzing review data, installing a review process, and critical success factors and traps to avoid. There is also some discussion of special problems in reviews, such as reviews where the participants are geographically separated, large products are involved, or too few or too many reviewers are(More)
In this paper, the design of a very cost effective Arabic speech language controlled device, with continuous speech recognition is presented. The device has been developed as an integrated prototype (patent pending) with the local center for providing technological solutions for people with disabilities. This system is explained with three case studies;(More)
Case study research by definition is well suited to the study of IS implementation, especially when context is important. Furthermore, its products are highly relevant and therefore they appeal to IS practitioners, an audience for which the IS literature has been critiqued of ignoring. While the value of single case research is methodologically viable in(More)
It is well known that most large Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations have been completed by now, however the ERP market is still showing progressive growth after the slowdown of the late 1990s. The purpose of this study is to discuss the current status of ERP implementation in New Zealand (NZ). The study is designed to explore cases that can(More)
A main inhibitor to electronically extending supply chains is that large organizations and the majority of their smaller business partners have incompatible business systems. Big businesses’ sophisticated IT infrastructures support many kinds of information integration, manipulation, and reporting, whereas many small to medium businesses (SMBs) use IT only(More)