Maha M. El-Shinnawy

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How and why people choose which communication medium to use is an important issue for both behavioral researchers and software product developers. Little is yet known about how and why people in organizations choose among new media like electronic mail and voice mail, although the availability and use of new media are increasing dramatically. Media richness(More)
In situations requiring the exchange of information to resolve equivocality or reduce uncertainty, can Media Richness Theory account for differences in individuals' preferences for electronic mail and voice mail relative to one another? The results of this study indicate that, as predicted, electronic mail was preferred over voice mail for the exchange of(More)
The effects of feeding naturally contaminated feedstuffs to sheep were investigated through feeding of contaminated and uncontaminated clover hay, rice straw, and concentrate feed mixture were compared. The highest level of contamination with fungi was observed in the concentrate feed mixture followed by clover hay and rice straw. The most dominant(More)
Seven digestibility trials were carried out on sheep to study the effect of replacing concentrate feed mixture (CFM) with varying amounts of fresh (raw) sunflower oil or heated oil from bean cake (Taamiah) frying, in almost isocalorific and isonitrogenous diets. Boiling altered the physical and chemical properties of oil but not significantly except for the(More)
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