Maguy Abi Jaoude

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This paper describes the synthesis of micro-thick hafnium-oxide (∼ 60 μm) memristors using a low-cost sol-gel drop-coating technique, and emphasizes on key parameters to be considered in the development of the microscale technology. The impact of electrode material on the device I-V electrical behavior is screened with the use of different(More)
A rewritable micro-thick low power memristor device is presented. The memristor is fabricated based on a novel structure that is composed of Al/TiO<inf>2</inf>/Cu. The device switches at 3X lower voltage compared to the existing bipolar memristor state of the art at the microscale. The fabricated device exhibits unique I-V characteristic among similar(More)
Unipolar RRAM devices are of high interest due to their high resistance ratio and simple selector circuit. In this paper, we report on a measurements from nano-thick memristor featuring a novel Pd/Hf/HfO2/Pd stack. The fabricated device exhibits a unipolar switching behavior, due to the asymmetric device structure and the existence of the Pd metal as a(More)
The Internet of Things (IoT) presents opportunities to address a variety of systemic, metabolic healthcare issues. Cardiovascular disease and diabetes are among the greatest contributors to premature death worldwide. Wireless wearable continuous monitoring systems (CMS) such as ECG sensors connected to the Internet of Things can greatly decrease the risk of(More)
This paper presents a physics-based model for memristors with different active layer materials. The model predicts the effect of changing the active material on the electrical characteristics of the devices. It captures the essential characteristics of the memristor such as coupling between ion mobility and electron current in addition to the nonlinear(More)
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