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We have ascertained in the Central Valley of Costa Rica a new kindred (CR201) segregating for severe bipolar disorder (BP-I). The family was identified by tracing genealogical connections among eight persons initially independently ascertained for a genome wide association study of BP-I. For the genome screen in CR201, we trimmed the family down to 168(More)
We performed a whole genome microsatellite marker scan in six multiplex families with bipolar (BP) mood disorder ascertained in Antioquia, a historically isolated population from North West Colombia. These families were characterized clinically using the approach employed in independent ongoing studies of BP in the closely related population of the Central(More)
Surfaces of buildings at the archaeological site of Palenque, Mexico, are colonized by cyanobacteria that form biofilms, which in turn cause aesthetic and structural damage. The structural characterization and species composition of biofilms from the walls of one of these buildings, El Palacio, are reported. The distribution of photosynthetic microorganisms(More)
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