Magnus Svärd

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Finite difference approximations of the second derivative in space appearing in, parabolic, incompletely parabolic systems of, and second order hyperbolic, partial differential equations are considered. If the solution is pointwise bounded, we prove that finite difference approximations of those classes of equations can be closed with two orders less(More)
As computational methods attempt to simulate ever more complex physical systems the need to couple independently-developed numerical models and solvers arises. This often results from the requirement to use different physical or numerical models for various portions of the domain of interest. In many situations it is also common to use different physical(More)
We develop a model based on the Dirichlet-compound multinomial distribution (CMD) and Ewens sampling formula to predict the fraction of SNP loci that will appear fixed for alternate alleles between two pooled samples drawn from the same underlying population. We apply this model to next-generation sequencing (NGS) data from Baltic Sea herring recently(More)