Magnus Mähring

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What happens when an organization form that has emerged in one context is brought into a different context? In this paper, a longitudinal field study approach is used to explore how Hewlett-Packard (HP) molded open source software development (OSSD) into a proprietary software development approach called “Progressive Open Source” (POS). With the help of(More)
The reluctance to report bad news about a project and its status is a known problem in software project management that can contribute to project failure. The reluctance to report bad news is heightened when it bears personal risks. Oftentimes, those who report bad news end up losing face. In extreme cases, they not only lose face, but may end up on the(More)
Article history: Received 17 November 2013 Received in revised form 25 May 2014 Accepted 25 May 2014 Available online xxxx This paper aims to deepen our understanding of the mechanisms underlying the mutual constitution of competing institutional logics and sociomaterial entanglements by combining a sociomaterial lens with the institutional logics(More)
<b>Introduction</b> Taming runaway Information Technology (IT) projects is a challenge that most organizations have faced and that managers continue to wrestle with. These are projects that grossly exceed their planned budgets and schedules, often by a factor of 2--3 fold or greater. Many end in failure; failure not only in the sense of budget or schedule,(More)