Magnus Lundberg

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Potential events of allopolyploidy may be indicated by incongruences between separate phylogenies based on plastid and nuclear gene sequences. We sequenced two plastid regions and two nuclear ribosomal regions for 34 ingroup taxa in Fragariinae (Rosaceae), and six outgroup taxa. We found five well supported incongruences that might indicate allopolyploidy(More)
This paper addresses canonical correlation analysis of two-channel data, when channel covariances are estimated from a limited number of samples, and are not necessarily fullrank. We show that empirical canonical correlations measure the cosines of the principal angles between the row spaces of the data matrices for the two channels. When the number of(More)
Several naturally occurring hybrids in Potentilla (Rosaceae) have been reported, but no molecular evidence has so far been available to test these hypotheses of hybridization. We have compared a nuclear and a chloroplast gene tree to identify topological incongruences that may indicate hybridization events in the genus. Furthermore, the monophyly and(More)
The natural repair of osteochondral defects can be enhanced with biocompatible, biodegradable and bioactive materials that provide structural support and molecular cuing to stimulate repair. Since bone marrow contains osteochondral progenitor cells and bioactive agents, it is hypothesized that the combination of scaffold and bone marrow would be a superior(More)
Alchemilla (the lady's mantles) is a well known but inconspicuous group in the Rosaceae, notable for its ornamental leaves and pharmaceutical properties. The systematics of Alchemilla has remained poorly understood, most likely due to confusion resulting from apomixis, polyploidisation and hybridisation, which are frequently observed in the group, and which(More)
PURPOSE To estimate regional myocardial strain rate, with reduced sensitivity to noise and velocities outside the region of interest, and provide a visualization of the spatial variation of the obtained tensor field within the myocardium. MATERIALS AND METHODS Myocardial velocities were measured using two-dimensional phase contrast velocity mapping.(More)
Constrained minimization problems considered here arise in the design of multi-dimensional subspace beamformers for radar, sonar, seismology, and wireless communications, and in the design of precoders and equalizers for digital communications. The problem is to minimize a quadratic form, under a set of linear or quadratic constraints. We derive the(More)
Using DNA sequence data from nuclear ribosomal ITS in combination with plastid trnLF spacer and trnL intron data, we show that Sibbaldia is a polyphyletic assemblage. It falls into five separate clades of Potentilleae, three within Fragariinae and two within Potentilla (Potentillinae sensu Soják). To a large extent, our results are congruent with Soják’s(More)
A model based method for channel estimation and synchronization in a sevearly doppler spread channel is presented. The model parameters are delay, amplitude and doppler (compression/expansion). The parametrs are succesively determined for a number of signal arrivals starting with the strongest and down to the level that is considered significant for the(More)