Magnus Gunnarsson

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The paper contains a description of the Spoken Language Corpus of Swedish at the Department of Linguistics, Göteborg University (GSLC), and a summary of the various types of analysis and tools that have been developed for work on this corpus. Work on the corpus was started in the late 1970:s. It is incrementally growing and presently consists of 1.3 million(More)
A theory of surface charging of colloidal particles suspended in an electrolyte solution is presented. The charging at the particle surface is assumed to originate from the adsorption and desorption of protons and is therefore strongly dependent on the acidity of the solution. The surface binding of protons occurs locally at sites of occupancy zero or one(More)
The aims of this study were to investigate what words elderly patients, who had undergone hip surgery, used to describe their experience of pain in spoken language and to compare these words with those used in the Short-Form McGill Pain Questionnaire (SF-MPQ) and Pain-O-Meter (POM). The study was carried out at two orthopaedic and two geriatric clinical(More)
Statistical mechanics has been used to derive a model for the charging of a spherical particle in a salt solution to complement our experimental studies and gain a deeper understanding of the processes involved in surface complexation. Our chosen model goes beyond the equilibrium constants and the Gouy-Chapmann theory currently used in surface complexation(More)
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