Magnus G. Johnston

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One part of a split root system of wheat seedlings received full nutrient solution with15N-nitrate, the other received an identical solution with unlabelled nitrate. Appearance of labelled amino compounds was measured in the xylem sap exuding from roots not supplied directly with15N-nitrate after removal of the15N-nitrate-fed roots. This material indicates(More)
The title compound, lithium tris[dioxidovanadium(V)] bis[trioxidotellurium(IV)], contains chains of edge-sharing distorted VO(6) octahedra. The pyramidal TeO(3) groups crosslink the chains into sheets. Finally, an Li(+) cation adopting an unusual capped trigonal-bipyramidal LiO(6) geometry bridges the layers to complete a three-dimensional structure.
The polyhedral building blocks of the layered inorganic network in the mixed-valence title compound, (NH4)(V(IV)O2)(V(V)O2)(TeO3), are vertex-sharing V(V)O4 tetra-hedra, distorted V(IV)O6 octa-hedra and TeO3 pyramids, which are linked by V-O-V and V-O-Te bonds, forming double layers lying parallel to (100). The presumed Te(IV) lone-pairs of electrons appear(More)
The hydrothermal syntheses and single-crystal structures of BaTe3O7 and BaTe4O9 are reported. These closely related new phases, which can be regarded as the n = 3 and 4 members of the BaTenO2n+1 family, are built up from infinite, tubular, columns of Te/O polyhedra (6 ring loops for BaTe3O7 and 8 ring loops for BaTe4O9) with barium cations completing the(More)
The title compound, lithium trimanganese bis[trioxoselenate(IV)] hexakis[hydrogentrioxoselenate(IV)], is built up from a vertex-sharing network of distorted Mn(III)O(6) octahedra, SeO(3) and HSeO(3) pyramids and unusual Li(OH)(6) octahedra, resulting in a dense three-dimensional structure. Mn, Li and one Se atom have site symmetries of -1, -3, and 3,(More)
Hydrothermally prepared SrMn(SeO(3))(2) contains infinite chains of vertex-sharing irregular MnO(5+1) polyhedra [mean Mn-O 2.226(3)A], which are fused into layers via pyramidal SeO(3) groups [mean Se-O 1.698(3)A]. Nine-coordinate Sr(2+) cations [mean Sr-O 2.715(4)A] complete the layered structure.
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