Magnus Aslund

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In recent decades, developments in detectors for X-ray imaging have improved dose efficiency. This has been accomplished with for example, structured scintillators such as columnar CsI, or with direct detectors where the X rays are converted to electric charge carriers in a semiconductor. Scattered radiation remains a major noise source, and fairly(More)
The scatter to primary ratio (SPR) was measured on a scanning multislit full-field digital mammography system for different thickness of breast equivalent material and different tube voltages. Scatter within the detector was measured separately and was found to be the major source of scatter in the assembly. Measured total SPRs below 6% are reported for(More)
Accelerated aging of gratings written in UV presensitized hydrogen outdiffused optical fibers show that these gratings are more stable than standard gratings written in hydrogen-loaded fibers. They are observed to grow initially by as much as 2%. The predicted decay after 25 years at 80 degrees C is ~0.1% . The results suggest that the index modulation(More)
Complete birefringence compensation is demonstrated in plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition waveguides by 193-nm postexposure. A single relaxation process dominates the decay in stress anisotropy, indicating that compressive stress from the substrate leads to an elastic stress anisotropy at the core.