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Audio-visual speech experience with age influences perceived audio-visual asynchrony in speech.
  • Magnus Alm, D. Behne
  • Physics, Medicine
  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 4 October 2013
Previous research indicates that perception of audio-visual (AV) synchrony changes in adulthood. Possible explanations for these age differences include a decline in hearing acuity, a decline inExpand
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Audio-visual identification of place of articulation and voicing in white and babble noise.
Research shows that noise and phonetic attributes influence the degree to which auditory and visual modalities are used in audio-visual speech perception (AVSP). Research has, however, mainly focusedExpand
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Changes in audio-visual speech perception during adulthood
Audiovisual speech perception research has shown an increasing use of visual information from infancy to young adulthood. The current study extends these findings by examining audiovisual speechExpand
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Do gender differences in audio-visual benefit and visual influence in audio-visual speech perception emerge with age?
Gender and age have been found to affect adults’ audio-visual (AV) speech perception. However, research on adult aging focuses on adults over 60 years, who have an increasing likelihood for cognitiveExpand
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Effects of musical experience on perception of audiovisual synchrony for speech and music
Perception of audiovisual synchrony relies on matching temporal attributes across sensory modalities. To investigate the influence of experience on cross-modal temporal integration, the effect ofExpand
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Voicing influences the saliency of place of articulation in audio-visual speech perception in babble
Previous research has shown that voicing can influence the perception of consonant place of articulation (POA) in audiovisual (AV) speech perception, although findings are inconsistent and oftenExpand
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Perceived Audiovisual Simultaneity in Speech by Musicians and Nonmusicians: Preliminary Behavioral and Event-Related Potential (ERP) Findings
In audiovisual simultaneity perception, audio-lead and videolead are generally considered fundamentally different, despite both being occurrences of physical misalignment. The current study pursuesExpand
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Age mitigates the correlation between cognitive processing speed and audio-visual asynchrony detection in speech.
  • Magnus Alm, D. Behne
  • Medicine, Physics
  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 4 November 2014
Cognitive processing speed, hearing acuity, and audio-visual (AV) experience have been suggested to influence AV asynchrony detection. Whereas the influence of hearing acuity and AV experience haveExpand
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Identification of place of articulation and voicing in white and babble noise
Previous research shows that white noise influences the degree auditory and visual modalities are used in audio‐visual (AV) speech perception. This study assesses identification of voicing and placeExpand