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This study investigated the effect of moving from single occupancy offices to a landscape environment. Thirty-four Visual Display Unit (VDU) operators reported significantly worsened condition of lighting and glare in addition to increased visual discomfort. For visual discomfort, the difference with 95% confidence interval was 10.7 (1.9-19.5) Visual Analog(More)
Knowledge of differences in the demographics of contact lens prescribing between nations, and changes over time, can assist (a) the contact lens industry in developing and promoting various product types in different world regions, and (b) practitioners in understanding their prescribing habits in an international context. Data that we have gathered from(More)
PURPOSE Eye strain during visually demanding computer work may include glare and increased squinting. The latter may be related to elevated tension in the orbicularis oculi muscle and development of muscle pain. The aim of the study was to investigate the development of discomfort symptoms in relation to muscle activity and muscle blood flow in the(More)
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Function of the temporomandibular joint is based on the articular design, neuromuscular control and integrity of soft tissue elements that comprise the anatomy. Through the study of kinesiology and arthrokinematics the exact nature of movement is known and with some understanding of the deglutination and masticatory process, the overall function of the(More)
Rigid lenses have been fitted less since the introduction of soft lenses nearly 40 years ago. Data that we have gathered from annual contact lens fitting surveys conducted in Australia, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, the UK and the USA between 2000 and 2008 facilitate an accurate characterization of the pattern of the decline of rigid lens fitting(More)
This study investigated the effect of moving from single-occupancy offices to a landscape environment. Thirty-two visual display unit (VDU) operators reported no significant change in visual discomfort. Lighting conditions and glare reported subjectively showed no significant correlation with visual discomfort. Experience of pain was found to reduce(More)
Neuromuscular principles in the visual system and their potential role in visual discomfort p. 10 Forget about aesthetics in chair design : ergonomics should provide the basis for comfort p. 19 Effects of the office environment on health and productivity 1 : auditory and visual distraction p. 26 Effects of using dynamic office chairs on posture and EMG in(More)
This study investigated the effect of moving from small offices to a landscape environment for 19 Visual Display Unit (VDU) operators at Alcatel Denmark AS. The operators reported significantly improved lighting condition and glare situation. Further, visual discomfort was also significantly reduced on a Visual Analogue Scale (VAS). There was no significant(More)
Extended wear has long been the 'holy grail' of contact lenses by virtue of the increased convenience and freedom of lifestyle which they accord; however, this modality enjoyed only limited market success during the last quarter of the 20th century. The introduction of silicone hydrogel materials into the market at the beginning of this century heralded the(More)
PURPOSE Orbicularis oculi muscle tension and muscle blood flow have been shown to be objective measures of eyestrain during visually demanding activities, such as computer work. In line with this, positive associations between eye-related pain and muscle blood flow in orbicularis oculi have been observed. A hypothesis regarding work situations with(More)