Magid M Fahim

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BACKGROUND Dry eye disease is a common debilitating ocular disease. Current diagnostic tests used in dry eye disease are often neither sensitive nor reproducible, making it difficult to accurately diagnose and determine end points for clinical trials, or evaluate the usefulness of different medications in the treatment of dry eye disease. The recently(More)
PURPOSE To determine if laser iridotomy altered the anterior segment anatomy of patients with plateau iris configuration. METHODS Twenty eyes of 9 female and 1 male patients were imaged using an ultrasound biomicroscope within 19 weeks before and 52 weeks after laser iridotomy. Measurements obtained included the anterior chamber depth (ACD),(More)
PURPOSE To determine if the intraocular pressure (IOP) effect of pilocarpine at various concentrations is additive to that of bimatoprost and to assess the tolerability of this combination. METHODS This was a randomized, prospective trial of patients with IOP > 21 mm Hg following appropriate medication washout. For all visits IOP was measured at 9:00 AM(More)
PURPOSE We used EyeSys videokeratography to evaluate corneal shape changes induced by conductive keratoplasty, a procedure that utilizes radio frequency energy to alter corneal shape to correct hyperopia. METHODS Follow-up data were available for 19 eyes (out of 24 eyes of 13 patients). Preoperative spherical hyperopia ranged from +0.75 to +3.25 D with(More)
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