Maggie Scott

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Depressed patients were allocated randomly to individual cognitive therapy, group cognitive therapy or a waiting list ;treatment as usual' control group. Blind clinical and psychometric assessment of patients revealed that those who underwent cognitive therapy did significantly better than those on the waiting list. There was no significant difference(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine present and future use of pediatric physician extenders in neonatal and pediatric intensive care units (ICUs). DESIGN Descriptive, prospective, questionnaire survey. PARTICIPANTS One hundred thirty hospitals represented by members of the Pediatric Section of the Society of Critical Care Medicine and 18 randomly selected hospitals(More)
PROBLEM Patients with transient ischaemic attack or stroke benefit from early diagnosis, specialist assessment, and treatment with thrombolysis, and from stroke unit care and secondary prevention. The challenge with such patients is to minimise delays and ensure that treatment is appropriate, and to provide this care with the available resources. DESIGN(More)
Lexicography and onomastics are two closely related disciplines that are often of benefit to one another. Both also make an important contribution to wider aspects of language study. Onomastic evidence for Scots can help to shed light on the period of pre-literary Scots and fill in some of the gaps in the record of lexical evolution from Anglian Old English(More)
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