Maggie Scimeca

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PURPOSE To test the hypothesis that a lack of Tubby-like protein 1 (TULP1) function causes aberrant transport of nascent rhodopsin and to examine the functional relationship between the homologous proteins TULP1 and Tubby by studying mice carrying combined mutations. METHODS Subcellular localization of TULP1 and rhodopsin in photoreceptors was determined(More)
Understanding of the structure of the γ-secretase complex consisting of presenilin (PS), anterior pharynx-defective 1 (APH-1), nicastrin (NCT), and presenilin enhancer 2 (PEN-2) is of significant therapeutic interest for the design of γ-secretase modulators for Alzheimer disease. The structure of γ-secretase revealed by cryo-EM approaches suggested a(More)
Environmental antibiotic contamination is due mainly to improper and illegal disposal of these molecules that, yet pharmacologically active, are excreted by humans and animals. These compounds contaminate soil, water and plants. Many studies have reported the bioaccumulation of antibiotics in plants and their negative effects on photosynthesis, cell growth(More)
Current hypothesis suggest that tumors can originate from adult cells after a process of 'reprogramming' driven by genetic and epigenetic alterations. These cancer cells, called cancer stem cells (CSCs), are responsible for the tumor growth and metastases. To date, the research effort has been directed to the identification, isolation and manipulation of(More)
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