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The study of de novo point mutations (new germline mutations arising from the gametes of the parents) remained largely static until the arrival of next-generation sequencing technologies, which made both whole-exome sequencing (WES) and whole-genome sequencing (WGS) feasible in practical terms. Single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping arrays have been used(More)
BACKGROUND Expert professional practice in any field is known to rely on both explicit (formal) and tacit (personal) forms of knowledge. Current anaesthetic training programmes appear to favour explicit knowledge and measurable competencies. We aimed to describe and explore the way different types of knowledge are learned and used in anaesthetic practice.(More)
BACKGROUND Published work on knowledge in regional anaesthesia has focused on competence, for instance by identifying numbers of procedures required to achieve competence, or by defining criteria for successful performance of blocks. We aimed to define expertise in regional anaesthesia and examine how it is acquired. METHODS We observed anaesthetists(More)
OBJECTIVES To understand the health and social consequences of the 2001 foot and mouth disease epidemic for a rural population. DESIGN Longitudinal qualitative analysis. SETTING North Cumbria, the worst affected area in Britain. SAMPLE Purposive sample of 54 respondents divided in six demographically balanced rural occupational and population groups.(More)
In this article, the authors discuss an ethical dilemma faced by the first author during the fieldwork of an ethnographic study of expertise in anesthesia. The example, written from the perspective of the first author, addresses a number of ethical issues commonly faced, namely, the researcher-researched relationship, anonymity and confidentiality, privacy,(More)
For infectious disease dynamical models to inform policy for containment of infectious diseases the models must be able to predict; however, it is well recognised that such prediction will never be perfect. Nevertheless, the consensus is that although models are uncertain, some may yet inform effective action. This assumes that the quality of a model can be(More)
BACKGROUND This study aimed to explore how critical and acceptable practice are defined in anaesthesia and how this influences the discussion and reporting of adverse incidents. Method. We conducted workplace observations of, and interviews with, anaesthetists and anaesthetic staff. Transcripts were analysed qualitatively for recurrent themes and(More)
Uncertainty is an inherent feature of strategies to contain animal disease. In this paper, an interdisciplinary framework for representing strategies of containment, and analysing how uncertainties are embedded and propagated through them, is developed and illustrated. Analysis centres on persistent, periodic and emerging disease threats, with a particular(More)
This response is based on preliminary findings from the study " Flood, vulnerability and urban resilience: a real-time study of local recovery following the floods of June 2007 in Hull " funded by 1. Introduction We welcome the government " s decision to broaden the scope of the Pitt Review to include the process of recovery. In particular, recognition that(More)
This online paper may be cited or briefly quoted in line with the usual academic conventions. You may also download them for your own personal use. This paper must not be published elsewhere (e.g. to mailing lists, bulletin boards etc.) without the author's explicit permission. Please note that if you copy this paper you must: • include this copyright note(More)