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OBJECTIVE Nebulized antibiotics offer high efficacy due to significant local concentrations and safety with minimal blood levels. This study evaluates the efficacy and nephrotoxicity of nebulized versus IV amikacin in postcardiothoracic surgical patients with nosocomial pneumonia caused by multidrug-resistant Gram- negative bacilli. DESIGN Prospective,(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the use of alfacalcidol in the management of corticosteroid-induced osteoporosis, it has never been considered an adjunct treatment for asthma management. It can target vitamin D deficiency, a possible risk factor for asthma, and, hence, improve pulmonary function of patients with asthma. OBJECTIVE To explore the effect of alfacalcidol(More)
BACKGROUND Enteric microencapsulation of the potential immunosuppressant TRAM-34 was investigated as a means of enhancing oral drug delivery and minimizing or eliminating hydrolysis of pyrazole-substituted triarylmethane to the respective alcohol. METHOD TRAM-34 was successfully enteric microencapsulated by a coacervation method using the pH-sensitive(More)
There are many benefits of breast-feeding both for the infant and for the mother. Nursing mothers who are also taking medications or exposed to environmental hazards may be confronted with a difficult choice to discontinue nursing or maternal medication or risk potential harm to the infant. Frequently, these decisions are made without sufficient information(More)
AIM Compare the safety and efficacy of intermittent fenofibrate versus simvastatin in chronic hemodialysis patients. PATIENTS & METHODS Sixty patients received either fenofibrate 100 mg or simvastatin 20 mg after their dialysis session (parallel study). The safety and efficacy of drugs on lipid profile, oxidized low-density lipoprotein (Ox-LDL),(More)
OBJECTIVES Comparing different perioperative statin regimens for the prevention of post-coronary artery bypass grafting adverse events. DESIGN A randomized, prospective study. SETTING Cardiothoracic surgical units in a government hospital. PARTICIPANTS The study comprised 94 patients scheduled for elective, isolated on- or off- pump coronary artery(More)
OBJECTIVE Because of the lack of data regarding the impact of obesity on propofol pharmacokinetics in patients undergoing cardiac surgery using hypothermic cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB), the authors sought to explore propofol pharmacokinetics and develop a predictive pharmacokinetic model that characterizes and predicts propofol pharmacokinetics in this(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this study was to investigate lofexidine urine and plasma pharmacokinetics using three different dosing regimens in opioid dependent subjects. To date, there have been no published studies on lofexidine appearance and excretion in urine of opioid dependent subjects. METHODS Subjects were stabilized with 100 mg morphine sulphate(More)
Medication review aims at optimizing the impact of medications while minimizing their related problems. Drug-related problems have never been properly addressed in Egyptian hospitals. The purpose of this paper is to record and compare the prevalence and types of medication related problems, the interventions provided by the clinical pharmacists and how(More)