Maggie Lilith

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While it is undeniable that owned domestic cats Felis catus (Mammalia: Felidae) kill large numbers of wildlife, it is contentious if this has significant impacts on wildlife populations. Under the precautionary principle such uncertainty does not preclude measures to reduce putative risk, but action should follow consultation with stakeholders. To initiate(More)
To better inform editorial planning, we analysed Australasian Plant Pathology’s (APP) authorship and readership 2001–2010. Authors came from Australia (57%), the Americas (Canada, USA and South American countries) (11%), New Zealand (7%), other Pacific and Asian countries (9%), Europe (5%) and other nations (11%), with the Australian contribution declining(More)
National Research Assessment Exercises (NRAEs) aim to improve returns from public funding of research. Critics argue that they undervalue publications influencing practice, not citations, implying that journals valued least by NRAEs are disproportionately useful to practitioners. Conservation biology can evaluate this criticism because it uses species(More)
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