Maggee R Oliver

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Meckel’s diverticulum is the most common congenital gastrointestinal anomaly. 99m Technetium pertechnetate imaging (Meckel’s scan) is the best noninvasive method used to diagnose this condition when heterotopic gastric mucosa (HGM) is present. Although cimetidine enhancement has been shown to improve sensitivity of the Meckel’s scan, ranitidine enhancement(More)
It has previously been determined that transformed human B cells may be infected by and retain integrated human T cell lymphotropic virus, type I (HTLV-I). Although HTLV-I is primarily associated with transformation of human T lymphocytes, immortalized B cell populations have arisen after cocultivation of normal B cells and irradiated HTLV-I-infected T(More)
Colonic smooth muscle function may be altered in food protein hypersensitivity reactions and could contribute to the clinical manifestation of diarrhea. To characterize such functional changes and elucidate the mediators and mechanisms involved. Hooded-Lister rats were sensitized by intraperitoneal injection of egg albumin (10 micrograms), and controls were(More)
Fos immunohistochemistry was used to identify myenteric neurons activated as a consequence of intestinal anaphylaxis in Hooded-Lister rats sensitized to egg albumin (EA 10 micrograms ip). After incubation in test solutions, or after in vivo challenge, jejunal tissues were processed for immunohistochemistry with an anti-Fos antibody (1:500, TF161). The(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Inflammation in the colon may alter motility in the proximal gut and potentiate clinical symptoms. The aim of this study was to characterize the effect of colonic anaphylaxis on local (colonic) and remote (small intestinal) motility and identify the mechanism and mediators involved. METHODS Rats were sensitized by intraperitoneal(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficacy and safety of alteplase infusions and alteplase local instillations (dwells) to clear partially occluded central venous catheters in critically ill children. DESIGN Retrospective study. SETTING PICU in a single, tertiary care, academic children's hospital. PATIENTS Retrospective review of the medical records of all(More)
After challenge of sensitized individuals, food protein-induced colonic anaphylaxis may contribute to the symptom of diarrhoea. The aim of this study was to characterize the effect of food protein-induced anaphylaxis on colonic circular muscle in vitro, identify the mediators involved, and then evaluate the effect of antigen challenge on colonic transit in(More)
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