Magesh Chandramouli

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Traditional transportation vendors not only strive to deliver cargo securely and accurately to customers on time, but also consider reducing the operation cost and flexibly dispatching vehicles as well as staff. Thus, how to raise the competitive advantage is the big challenge for the transportation industry. Because the online vehicle tracking system can(More)
Safety and emergency response are being given greater importance while planning infrastructure and transportation projects. This is particularly so, when transporting hazardous materials ͑HAZMAT͒ within a heavily urbanized area such as Singapore. The number and location of fire stations significantly influence the efficiency of emergency response during(More)
Programming skills are becoming increasingly important in both academia and industry. While this signifies numerous opportunities for students, it also inherently involves the challenge of preparing students suitably for these opportunities. Students, especially those at the beginner level, encounter difficulties when learning to program and the lack of(More)
This paper analyzes a linear feature covering problem (LFCP) with distance constraints, and characterizes the problem by a fuzzy multi-objective (MO) optimization model. An integrated approach combining an Ant algorithm (LFCP-Ant) and a Geographic Information System (GIS) has been devised to solve the LFCP problem in large scale. The efficacy of the(More)
This document defines a subset of the Management Information Base (MIB) for power and energy monitoring of devices. Information about the current status of this document, any errata, and how to provide feedback on it may be obtained at in effect on the date of publication of this document. Please review these documents carefully, as they describe your(More)
This study explains the design and implementation of an interactive graphics framework for `fun-based' interactive instruction of computer hardware and architecture for engineering and technology (ET) students. The system helps students to visualize internal peripherals of a computer and assemble them onto a motherboard to examine results immediately making(More)
The objective of Energy Management (EMAN) is to provide an energy management framework for networked devices. This document presents the applicability of the EMAN information model in a variety of scenarios with cases and target devices. These use cases are useful for identifying requirements for the framework and MIBs. Further, we describe the relationship(More)
This paper describes how geometry and graphics are employed to design and implement an intermodal multidimensional framework. Geometry and graphics can be judiciously juxtaposed within desktop virtual environments to facilitate information visualization, extraction, and analysis. This paper demonstrates a desktop VR system that exploits the potential of(More)
AbstrAct Integrating spatial and temporal dimensions is a fundamental yet challenging issue in modeling geo-spatial data. This article presents the design of a generic model within the object-oriented paradigm to represent spatially-varying, temporally-varying, and spatio-temporally-varying information using a mechanism, called parametric polymorphism. This(More)