Maged Dessouky

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Research on facility location is abundant. However, this research does not typically address the particular conditions that arise when locating facilities to service large-scale emergencies, such as earthquakes, terrorist attacks, etc. In this work we first survey general facility location problems and identify models used to address common emergency(More)
Although ridesharing can provide a wealth of benefits, such as reduced travel costs, congestion, and consequently less pollution, there are a number of challenges that have restricted its widespread adoption. In fact, even at a time when improving communication systems provide real-time detailed information that could be used to facilitate ridesharing, the(More)
ii ABSTRACT In certain types of fleet systems, the environmental impacts of fleet operation are, to some extent, a controllable function of vehicle routing and scheduling decisions. However, there has been little prior work that has considered environmental impacts in fleet vehicle routing and scheduling optimization, in particular, where the impacts were(More)
Over the past 10 years, operating expenses for Demand Responsive Transit (DRT) have more than doubled as demand for this mandated service has expanded. The DRT systems that we studied consist of dial–a–ride programs that transit agencies use for point–to–point pickup and delivery of the elderly and handicapped. Many advanced technologies and management(More)
BACKGROUND Improvements in endoscopy center efficiency are needed, but scant data are available. OBJECTIVE To identify opportunities to improve patient throughput while balancing resource use and patient wait times in a safety-net endoscopy center. SETTING Safety-net endoscopy center. PATIENTS Outpatients undergoing endoscopy. INTERVENTION A time(More)
We consider the problem of determining the allocation of demand from different customer orders to production batches and the schedule of resulting batches to minimize the total weighted earliness and tardiness penalties in context of batch chemical processing. The problem is formulated as a mixed-integer nonlinear programming model. An iterative heuristic(More)
We develop an exact integer programming formulation to design a loop material ow system for unit load automated guided vehicles The model simultaneously determines both the design of the unidirectional loop ow pattern and the loca tion of the pick up and delivery stations The objective is to minimize the total loaded vehicle trip distances To solve the(More)
To better prepare manufacturing students for the complexity of modern factories, a Web-based Virtual Factory Teaching System (VFTS) was developed to complement traditional classroom lectures. VFTS allows students to make the decisions required to run a realistic factory and see the consequences of their decisions via an animated simulation. An automated lab(More)
Some important issues in the design of an efficient pharmaceutical supply chain involve deciding where to place the warehouses/inventories and how to route distribution vehicles. Solving appropriate facility location and vehicle routing problems can ensure the design of a logistic network capable of rapid distribution of medical supplies. In particular,(More)
A set of agricultural suppliers with low demands can save on long-haul transportation costs by consolidating their product. We consider a system with stochastic demand and a single consolidation point near the suppliers. We propose a look-ahead heuristic that takes advantage of economies of scale by aiming to ship larger quantities. We experimentally(More)