Magdy Mostafa Fahmy

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Experimental application of Hyalomma dromedarii pheromone-impregnated in cyfluthrin (pyrethroid) decoys on experimentally infested camels revealed efficacy rate of 85.33%, while the control group showed normal pattern of tick engorgement. This study proved the rapid movement of males toward decoys and some males took the mounting position with such decoys.(More)
Lufenuron, the chitin synthesis inhibitor (Program, Novartis-Switzerland) was given orally at doses of 10-mg/kg b/w to dogs and 30-mg/kg b/w to cats every four weeks (monthly) for the treatment of experimental flea infestations. Three to four weeks after the last infestation, Lufenuron had effectively controlled the Ct. felis infestation of dogs and cats as(More)
This study was undertaken to investigate the prevalence of monthly and seasonal variation of Demodex species among 944 dogs of different breed, sex, age in Cairo and Giza provinces during a period from January till the end of December 2010 and revealed that, 134 dogs were infected with Demodex spp. in which the percentage of infection reached to 14.2%. 31(More)
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