Magdy M Mohamed

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Expressed sequence tags (ESTs) are partial cDNA sequences read from both ends of random expressed gene fragments used for discovering new genes. DNA libraries from four different developmental stages of Schistosoma mansoni used in this study generated 141 ESTs representing about 2.5% of S. mansoni sequences in dbEST. Sequencing was done by the dideoxy chain(More)
Two Schistosoma mansoni cDNA clones 30S and 1H were identified by immunoscreening of sporocyst lambdagt11 library and by random sequencing of clones from lambdaZap libraries, respectively. Clone 30S was one of 30 clones identified by an antibody raised against tegument of 3-h schistosomules. The clone was found to encode an 81 amino-acid protein fragment.(More)
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