Magdy M. Ibrahim

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extend the life time of the network. In EAGRP, both position information and energy are available at nodes used to route packets from sources to destination. This will prolong the lifetime of the sensor nodes; hence the network life time and thus get higher packet delivery ratio and minimal compromise of energy efficiency. The proposed protocol is an(More)
The ultimate goal of the BIM concept is to create a complete digital model of the building to insure the generation of an accurate bill of material and cost estimate along with coordinated drawings and details. This goal might need the contribution of various disciplines to provide the needed level of information. The development of capable specialized(More)
The current means of transferring architectural data to the construction site depends mainly on the drawing either manually or electronically drafted both in physical or digital formats. The printed or manually drafted drawing is being replaced with the digital version that can be accessed with a PDA. There are many benefits of the digital form over the(More)
Building Information Modeling is the technology converting the workplace in design firms around the world. Now, professionals as well as academia see the feasibility and benefits of converting to such a new technology. Therefore, it seems inevitable to start teaching BIM to architecture students. And as we keep using and depending on computers the way we(More)