Magdy Aboul-Ela

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Many previous researchers have tried developing sign languages recognition systems in general and Arabic sign language specifically. They succeeded to achieve acceptable results for isolated gestures level, but none of them investigated the recognition of connected sequence of gestures. This paper focuses on how to recognize real-time connected sequence of(More)
Sign Language Recognition (SLR) is the most structured field in gesture recognition applications, such that each gesture has assigned a well-defined meaning. SLR can be defined as a translation system, which translates the signs, performed by deaf and dump people to the natural language. The proposed system aims to recognize Arabic sign language (ASL) and(More)
This paper presents a proposed Framework for an Intelligent Problem Solver (IPS). This framework is based on representing the problem state using a proposed representation, with a representation language to represent the operators or rules that can be used to move from one state to another until reaching the goal state. The system can solve the problem(More)
Speech compensation techniques aim to provide speech recognition systems with the robustness against sources of noise existing in the real environments. These sources of noise cause the recognition performance to deteriorate dramatically. In this paper, we are interested in Stereo based Stochastic Vector Mapping (SSM) speech compensation technique(More)
Information Extraction (IE) is a technology for "reading" reports and picking out the bits of information that are needed by users. Hypermedia relies on a combination of knowledge representation e.g. semantic links, text analysis; and "canned" knowledge in different presentation formats. Successful information access and presentation depends on an(More)
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