Magdy Abdel Wahab

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irradiance in Northern Africa desert climate and its long-term variations from Meteosat images. International Abstract Two databases of solar surface irradiance (SSI) derived from satellites are compared to ground measurements for Algeria, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. It is found that it is possible to accurately derive the SSI from geostationary(More)
HelioClim-3 (HC3) is a database providing time series of the surface downwelling solar irradiance that are computed from images of the Meteosat satellites. This paper presents the validation results of the hourly global horizontal irradiance (GHI) and direct normal irradiance (DNI), i.e., beam irradiance at normal incidence, of versions four and five of HC3(More)
In this paper we present a novel visual-inertial 6-DOF localization approach that can be directly integrated in a wearable immersive system for simulation and training. In this context, while CAVE environments typically require complex and expensive set-up, our approach relies on visual and inertial information provided by commodity hardware, <i>i.e</i>. a(More)
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